Ground school Theory session

Driving education
Theory Session
It’s important that every driver understands the theory of driving. Furthermore any member who wants to participate in a DE for the first time should make it mandatory to attend this course. Also, the day will be split in two groups:

The morning session will cover the basics of driving and the afternoon will be used to discuss advanced techniques.

The objective is to cover the theory and provide a place where the drivers can exchange their experiences.

All the theory sessions are FREE.

Montreal Advanced Driving Theory
The Montreal Theory Session will be held at the Cegep Lionel Groulx in Ste-Thérèse, room D-415 on April 10, 2010.
The morning session will start at 9:00 and the afternoon at 13:30.

Ottawa Advanced Driving Theory
Theory session for Ottawa will be held on Saturday March 28th at the Nepean Sportsplex (Hall F – above arena 2).
For more information on these two sessions, please contact Marc Belanger. 

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