Code of Ethics


This document is presented to define the standards and ethics to which the organization holds itself, its elected and appointed representatives, its employees, and its members.  It supplements but does not replace our established Bylaws and procedures, which are documented elsewhere.  The following represents the way we want to be and to do business.

Rennsport is not a political organization.  It exists for the benefit of its members, to further their enjoyment of their cars.  In the performance of this mandate, it must operate under the rule of law, adhering to the laws of the various countries and jurisdictions under which it exists.  This means that illegal behavior is not tolerated, and that close attention is paid to the requirements of the law in the actions of all involved; officers, directors, individual members and employees.

Beyond this, we accept the obligation to do what is right.  An ethical system is based on the mutual benefit of the involved parties; the corollary of this is that we treat neither fellow members nor non-members in a way that is demeaning, embarrassing, derogatory, or otherwise inappropriate.  This of course extends to our concept of equal and fair treatment for all, regardless of gender, race, religion, color or other such factors.  Our natural competitiveness does not extend to taking unfair advantage of others, be they individuals, clubs or businesses, or treating them in a demeaning or harassing manner.  Actions and words about which there may be some question are undertaken, when possible, only after careful thought and perhaps consultation.

Decisions affecting Rennsport should be either self-obvious or readily explained.  Particular attention should be paid to potential conflicts of interest involving special treatment or gifts from individuals or companies possibly hoping to gain something in return.  Other potential conflicts of interest, in which an officer, employee or member must weigh their immediate and personal potential gain against the best interests of Rennsport, require special thoughtful attention.  Transparency in all actions is desirable.  Nothing must be allowed to compromise the integrity, credibility, and best interests of Rennsport in the making of decisions that affect the club.

The culture of Rennsport is founded on doing the right thing to the best of our ability.  Without this we lose our self-respect both as an organization and as individuals, a price that we will not pay.  Non-adherence to these principles will not be tolerated; such behavior or actions damaging to Rennsport will be dealt with by the established club Bylaws, and may result in permanent loss of membership.

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